Vegan MoFo Day 28: Lebanese Taco Combo

So, what we had for dinner yesterday is a combination of Day 25 (fave cuisine) and Day 28 (taco vs. burritos) prompts. It’s difficult to pick a favorite cuisine, but one we often turn to when we want sometime fresh and satisfying is Lebanese/Middle Eastern food. It’s especially awesome when the weather is a bit too warm for something cozy like Indian food. It fills you up, yet feels light.

One of our local Lebanese restaurants is known for their falafel and actually sells the batter at a local market or two. They are beautiful green jewels!

Frying em up!
Frying em up!

I didn’t get them as tender as at the restaurant, but it’s nice to have the convenience of their frozen batter. We made some tabouli and roasted some cauliflower, garlic, and squash. We had the falafel as tacos, filled with the tabouli “salsa,” topped with pomegranate seeds, pickled Serrano peppers, and drizzled with tahini.

Falafel tacos
Falafel tacos
Green, green, green!
Green, green, green!

It’s difficult to choose sides in the “taco versus burrito” debate. They both have their merits. I like that burritos are easy and cozy comfort food. It’s a way to wrap up warm ingredients and perfect on a chilly day. I like tacos too because they are also simple, but they are nice when the weather is still warm like it is now. It’s light and you have the option of having one, two, or more. We went with tacos for our dinner because we had some corn tortillas laying around. Plus, all those colors were just too pretty to wrap up!


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