Vegan MoFo Day 8 through 18: Yikes! Where have the days gone!?!

Yikes! I’ve missed so many days of posting! I managed to document some of the days and I’m determined not to totally abandon this monthlong endeavor. Between a new position at work (with more hours + extra work) and classes, I have been a walking zombie most days.

Here is a rundown of some of the things I’ve managed to capture…

Tuesday, Day 8 – Reach out and make a new vegan friend

Not reeeeaaalllly a new vegan friend, but I’ve met so many helpful and welcoming people at my new job location. There are a lot of new things I’m learning and I’m missing the people at my old location, but it makes it easier when people are understanding of the newbie learning curve. So grateful. 🙂

PB & J
PB & J

Wednesday, Day 9 – Most retro recipe

I had several ideas for retro recipes…I think they are fun and sometimes can be bizarre. Unfortunately, Wednesdays and Thursdays are my most hectic day…I think I’ve mentioned this before. (So tired…) Peanut butter and strawberry jam is pretty classic, and easy to throw together. I sprinkled some crushed, dried fenugreek leaves before closing up the sandwich to eat just to add some pizzazz.

Thursday, Day 10 – Something blue!

Quick snack/breakfast at work was a blueberry fig bar. I like that these are heartier than the average cereal bar. Easy little snack or light meal!

Hearty fig bar
Hearty fig bar

Friday, Day 11 – Focus on a nutrient

Omega-3s…It’s one of those things that are supposed to be difficult to get sufficient amounts of if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Yeah nuts will do, but they are high in calories and omega-6 or something. Guavas, blackberries, and walnuts have decent amounts according to some Internet searching.

Flavor packed guava, blackberries, and walnuts.
Flavor packed guava, blackberries, and walnuts.

…Friday, Day 18 – Honor a human/non-human who inspires your veganism

When you grow up in a Korean household, even when meat is rampant there is also  plenty of beans, vegetables, and fruits around. I’m so inspired by the wide variety of produce and veggie friendly ingredients used all around the world. The different colors and textures and ways of cooking things. I’m discovering new things all the time! In my late teens, I often chose vegetarian/vegan options when eating out…even though I still ate meat, I just found veggie burgers to be delicious. I guess I was “weird” that way.

I’ve always loved being in the kitchen, so I’m no stranger to handling and cooking meat. No stranger to things like whole fish. I’ve never been one to find it disgusting that my food had a face. I want to still respect that animal for what it was…or used to be. But at the same I just found it more interesting to not rely on meat to make a meal awesome or whatever. I was also becoming more environmentally conscious and occasionally vegetarianism was part of that whole thing for me.

When I lost my lifelong animal companion, my puppy of 15+ years, something changed. I remember going out to eat with my family and I just found meat (fish included) to be nauseating (the smell, the taste) and a chore to masticate. I just didn’t want to deal with it. I somehow developed an aversion to it (I literally wanted to spit it out)…I’ve never been too picky with food so this caused some concern with parents. I think they kind of wrote if off as part of my grieving process…minor loss of appetite. And in a way it was grief. And depression. But I think I also made a silent commitment that brought me comfort and connection to something I loved and lost, and it still does today.

I’ve been vegetarian for roughly…9 years?…I don’t remember exactly. I’ve never felt swayed to go back to meat like I have before. I’m not full on vegan, but a vegetarian with increasingly more vegan tendencies. I feel I’ll eventually be vegan without fully realizing it…there’s such a plethora of ingredients, recipes, and cuisines that continue to inspire me. And a lot of it is vegan by default.


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