Vegan MoFo Day 6: A few things plus a Labor Day weekend hangout


We tried jackfruit for the first time today. I’ve only used canned jackfruit in the past and the fresh fruit is giant and a little intimidating. When I saw some pre-cut pieces at the market, I decided to grab one. You have to separate the arils from the stringy stuff. It’s quite delicious!

Day 6 – Recreate a restaurant meal

A group of us decided to have a Labor day hangout today, so I decided to make an appetizer/ snack for the party – yubu chobap. At sushi restaurants you can find it under the Japanese name of “inari” or “inarizushi.” It’s a tofu pocket stuffed with seasoned rice. This stuff is easy to make (they even sell yubu chobap kits) and perfect as finger food. Rice + sweet vinegar sauce + seasonings (black sesame seeds, carrot, shredded dried seaweed, green onion) + fried tofu pocket.

Yubu Chobap
Yubu Chobap

Additionally, I attempted to make some buffalo cauliflower…attempted. The buffalo cauliflower appetizer at the local vegetarian (vegan-friendly) cafe is very popular. I used the buffalo tempeh recipe from Isa’s Appetite for Reduction as a basic guideline.

Bake cauliflower at 450F to crisp up before adding the marinade. I doubled the marinade recipe and added 3 tsp oregano + 1 tsp thyme instead of 4 tsp oregano. Doubling the sauce turned out to be away too much liquid especially when baking rather than stovetop reduction. Clearly I didn’t think this out. I ended up throwing in a pack of tempeh along with the veggies. The cauliflower was a soggy mess and lost all the crispiness. It wasn’t the appetizer I set out to make, but was nice with a side of rice.

Bell peppers & cauliflower
Bell peppers & cauliflower
Soggy mess

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