Vegan MoFo Day 2: Let’s zoom back to my childhood

Day 2 of Vegan MoFo prompted me to recreate a childhood meal. I decided early on to integrate as much Korean cuisine into my MoFo 2015 experience as I could. Although there are many comfort foods that offer all the fuzzy, cozy feelings that make it comfort food, nothing can come close to the food your grandmother made for you. And for me that is Korean food.

Whaaaaaa?! A giant slab of acorn jelly.

Anyways, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are my busiest days and offer me no time for cooking. I picked up some dotorimuk from the market. It’s quick, easy, and I love it. Imagine the jiggly properties of jello, but made from acorn starch. It’s not sweet or sweetened. It has a very mild, tannic/bitter flavor…barely. You can purchase acorn starch and make it yourself or buy the readymade jelly.

Cut it up, throw in some salad-y items like greens (julienned carrots and cucumbers too, but I didn’t have any), throw on some Korean-style soy dipping sauce – soy sauce, vinegar, sesame seeds, Korean red pepper flakes, green onions – and you have yourself a dotorimuk salad. Sometimes I add shredded gim (roasted seaweed sheets) and maybe some buckwheat noodles for a noodle salad. Tonight I had it with a side of rice and some slip-skin grapes. I love slip-skin grapes, but they are increasingly difficult to find.

Delusional Wednesday dinner
Delusional dinner Wednesdays. Oh there’s a couple raspberries there too…

This isn’t by any means an actual meal from my childhood, but components of foods I enjoyed then and enjoy now. I remember eating dotorimuk noodle salad on hot summer days. I remember the grapes staining my fingers. When it’s hectic, it’s nice to feel grounded with some comfort food.


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